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We recently talked with famed local breeder Capulator about the next edition of his popular Miracle Alien Cookies. Capulator currently has five phenos of the new edition going through their second round of testing. Presuming any strain might reach the heights MAC hit in the latter half of the last decade is obnoxious, to say the least, but I think it is fair to have high expectations for what could end up being the next local legend to come out of Cap’s garden.gbl online

There looks to be a few variations of Lemon Mints out in the wild now. While we’re not mad about any variety of Kush Mints with a dash of limonene – that’s the terpene that smells like lemons – we’re thinking a couple will rise to the top. In particular, Your Highness has an absolute rockstar phenotype they selected from a 50 seed propagation here in L.A. It has the looks and build of an ultra-exotic Bubba Kush pheno that smells like it’s dipped in a melted lemon popsicle. The Jungle Boys have one too, but it’s a different pheno, still crazy heat anyone would love to smoke.ZKITTLEZ


Masonic’s Wilson crosses are some of the most exciting local genetics of the moment. The original blend of (Banana OG x Papaya) x Tropicana that created Wilson’s flavor profile and the hype around it is truly a special one. Some of the new Wilson crosses we’re seeing Masonic drop look savage in their own right. We expect its local legacy to be with us for some time.


One of the team at Seed Junky Genetics’ great success stories, Kush Mints has taken on a wave of its own in recent times, arguably surpassing in popularity the Animal Mints used to create it. But it still has some ways to go to catch up to the early 2000s hype levels around Bubba Kush, its other parent. The team over at Seed Junky is using the Kush Mints as a key ingredient in many projects so expect to see more mints popularity for some time to come. One of the biggest offspring so far is the London Pound Cake x Kush Mints #11.backpackboyz dispensary los angeles


The TK, or Triangle Kush, is among the most reputable kush phenos of all time. It originally blew up in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, sometimes under the name Florida Kush. A big chunk of the early 2010s kush wave that predated all the Girl Scout Cookies hype making it south probably traced back to some TK or someone messing around with some Cali Connection seeds they got. With a massive new spread of TK variations now hitting the Los Angeles market again thanks to the Jungle Boys a decade after the first wave, you have to be excited for what is to come. We love the SFV-TK.


L.A. is going through enough Red Congo these days to steal its bragging rights from the Bay Area where it first blew up. And we know how much folks love stealing bragging rights from those hippies in the bay. That being said, Red Congo has catapulted to the top of the L.A. sativa lists. Its flavor profile is wildly different from Sour Diesels or other more fruity lemon and daiquiri smelling profiles, and its heady nature is the closest thing to panic attack weed on this list. Congo Club and Gold Seal have the best phenotypes. Again for authenticity, not grow in town, but getting a lot of wind in its sails.


GELATO 33 is all the rage thanks to Lumpy’s original Sour Apple x Animal Cookies cross Apple Fritter being absolute “get the oven mitts out” heat. That level of excitement has understandably carried over to the next generation of Apple Fritter genetics just like so many other world-rocking stains. One could argue the Apple Fritter x Kush Cake cross Shady Apples is the best of the new pack, and we will! The bouquet of aromas is very complex and that wild terpene profile interacting with the THC makes it feel like a heavy hitter from a different dimension. You can scoop some from Your Highness, but good luck! buy medications online 


The GELATO 41, the UNCLE KUSH done in collaboration with Wizard Trees, is now an exclusive strain in the legal marketplace commanding top dollar wholesale prices. As we noted in our recent write-up on the launch, when people start flying in to get weed when it hits the shelves, you know something is up. There must have been something that gave them confidence in their decision, likely the product Doja Pack had put out previously but none of it was genetics they’d been a part of the development process on. DEO Farms in East Oakland also helped out on the genetic lineage. buy magic mushroom online usa 


Exotic weed packs It would be pretty irresponsible to have a big L.A. weed list without Runtz, now that it has transcended into the realm of cultural icon weed. It’s sitting firm at the top of the mountain entering the new decade as the hottest strain on the planet. We’ll never be sure if it was the rap songs, exceptional branding, or the people who got their hands on it growing award-winning fire, but Runtz is enjoying its time as king. The next generation includes a Blueberry Runtz pheno called Azul and the Jokers, an intense White Runtz x Jet Fuel Gelato cross done by Compound Genetics. buy dmt online

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