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shroom chocolate bars

As pot prohibition continues to crumble, psilocybin mushrooms appear to be the next natural, mind-expanding tools making a mainstream breakthrough.

That’s the great news. The (once) undeniable downside of magic mushrooms, though, has always been that no matter how carefully they’re cultivated or how hugely users may benefit, they’re still gnarly heaps of fungi best consumed by mouth and, put bluntly, they taste like shit — literally.

Of course, where there’s a will to get high, there’s always a way. Obviously, trippers have figured out how to maneuver around the inherent “yuck” factor of chewing on magic mushrooms. And, like stoners, psychonauts are equally as inventive. Countless psychonauts, for example, have long turned magic mushrooms into tea.

Now that we’re in a “cooking with cannabis” era, however, inventive chefs continue to cultivate ways to make loaded toadstools palatable. Among the most succulent and successful of these newly popular approaches is magic mushroom chocolate.

In essence, chocolate does instantly make everything it touches better, but the prospect of shroomy chocolate may seem odd. In fact, though, cacao and mushrooms have been blended together for use in psychedelic rituals for centuries. We’re just catching up to what our ancestors knew about chocolate mushrooms, who loved them both individually and together.shroom chocolate bars

Still, magic mushroom chocolate may seem like an outrageous challenge to attempt to create on your own. But— it’s not. And KUSH RUSH is here to help with the best, simplest, most effective recipe we’ve found so far to create fantastically flavorful, exquisitely elevating magic mushroom chocolate.

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